Breakthrough Learning in 3 Hours or Less

Achieving organizational goals is a lot easier when employees are productive, creative and fully engaged. Yet, there never seems to be enough time for your people to learn how to work more effectively in their roles.

Soden Training solves this dilemma. We deliver customized, soft skills development programs in three hours or less. Since 1981, we have helped organizations strengthen Emotional Intelligence competencies that drive employee engagement and performance.

Custom training, accelerated learning
In response to our clients’ time challenges, we design customized short format programs using proven, accelerated learning techniques. We can create just the right program to suit lunch-and-learns, breakout/focus sessions within a larger event, or modular skills training.

  Content customized to address your company’s specific needs.
  Formats as short as 90-minutes use proven accelerated learning techniques.

Highly interactive, no two programs are ever alike, because delivery reflects needs of the group at hand.

  Participants identify specific actions to implement immediately in their work roles.

Formats for groups from 15 to 150.

  Programs designed for all employee levels.
  Video and web conferencing can be included to facilitate shared learning.
  We come to your facility, so there’s no travel downtime or expense for your staff.

“More classes should be like this!”
That’s a direct quote from a post-workshop evaluation. We’re used to comments like this. We promise to deliver learning experiences that will have your employees raving too.
Our approach is to make learning enjoyable and memorable – every time, for every participant.

Following are a few popular workshop topics guaranteed to energize your people – in 3 hours or less:
  Powerful Public Speaking
  Managing Differences
  Thriving In The Midst Of Change 
  Managing Chaos
  Communicating for Success

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